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Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Crowd Pop has raised over $1.8 million for clients from Canada and the U.S. Now, we want to use our cultural marketing expertise to bring incredible products from Asia to the West. Join us in our Journey.

01. Crowdfunding

Kickstarter is in our blood. From our flagship campaign, BoxThrone, we learned how to drive explosive traffic to the tabletop, games and puzzles market. We have studied the industry extensively for over five years and believe we have distilled the “art” behind crowdfunding down to an science.

02. Marketing

With seven years of marketing experience in the digital startups, software engineering, consumer products and the tabletop games industries, we know how to bring the right audience to the right product.

03. Product focused

With experience bringing products to the mass market, we can help any company bring innovative products to customers through partner retail channels, Western-focused ecommerce and international logistics services.




The team


Dan Blacklock

Co-FOUNDER | Marketing & PR Guru

A born storyteller, Dan earned his magnetic passion for selling after 8 years of marketing practice at software startups and energy companies. Using his marketing and PR expertise, he spring-launched the BoxThrone crowdfunding campaign, raising over $1.6 million USD.

After studying Kickstarter backer behavior for 6 years, he believes he has distilled Kickstarter success down to a science and wants to use the same methods to help product designers bring their incredible products from Asia to the West.


Ken Hsu

Co-FOUNDER | Business & Operations Maven

Ken Hsu has worked in business operations and manufacturing for six years. He is currently Sales Director at Asoka Enterprises, working with high-ticket clients such as Nyko and Walmart. He has driven the launch of several unique companies, such as Bicycleye, a dash camera for cyclists, as well as a private genetics testing service.


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